Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Walk Down The Aisle Part-1

Treading on the wet slipper road all that could be heard of her footsteps were faint whispers. Small droplets of water leaped in air and fell down with her each step making an almost inaudible pitter patter sound of falling raindrops as if gently massaging the kicked and bruised blue-black of the road. Her eyes rhythmically followed the progress of her own feet, drinking in all the scars and blemishes on the ground beneath them. She tried to lift her eyes many times, but as soon as her sight would gain some altitude she would blush and abandon the attempt.

Secretly and very hurriedly she stole a glance at him walking besides her, to reassure herself that he was still there, then reverted back to her original poise. Even though she was not looking at him anymore she could feel his presence, the warmth and the sense of security, it enveloped her entire being into a cocoon of happiness ready to burst from the excess of it and blind her, making her numb to everything else inside and outside.

She could see his firm, assured feet just giving a hint of the strength in him and yet they barely disturbed the thin film of water and if it was possible they made even less noise than her own. There was so little evidence to give away their presence that they might not have been there at all, if not for the fact that she could see them.

She wanted to move her hand in a casual gesture and hold his in hers but refrained from doing it, as if somehow touching him would wake her up from a beautiful dream. No, she was content and happy, the feeling of his presence so warm and assuring was enough for her. She would have been greedy had she desired for more.

A sudden wind ruffled her hair and made her look towards the sea. The setting sun looked like a huge round bump at the otherwise straight horizon. The sky was not blue anymore it was golden now, gloating at its beauty and wealth. The surface of the sea was tranquil and smooth, occasionally broken here and there by small waves. It appeared like a second sky, a polished floor which mirrored the golden hue of the sky stretched above. Vast and unending. Everything which wasn’t land or water was the same camouflaging golden sky occupying every remaining gap of the universe but then was it really there?

She had not realized that they had stopped an were leaning on the rail which separated the metallic, sharp, hard, cold and unreasonably practical world from the huge boulders, the fine sand, the tranquil sea and the sky, which might not have been there…

Once in while a car would pass and its blaring horn would tear through the notes of the silent music surrounding them, little dots of careless folly of a brush on the outskirts of an otherwise picturesque scene of a sunset.

Like the perfection of the scene, the happiness in her heart was marred by the knowledge that it was the last time they were walking there together, making music the way they always did. A single tear quietly dislodged itself from her lashes and trickled down her cheek.
Yes, it was the last time. She gazed at the bulging folder in her left arm. Definitely the very last time…

Saturday, December 13, 2008

And with this I commence.......

Today I started my blog as an effort to chain or better actually solidify my thoughts which uptil now have evaded the grasp of my mind as sand slips through closed fingers. They love playing hide and seek with me popping up here and there barely long enough to inform me of their existence and then making me run after them which is nearly as useless as an attempt to shake hands with shadows. Whether I get close enough for my fingertips to graze at shadows before they skitter out of sight giving in to the darkness or my infrequency defeats yet another of my attempts remains to be seen.