Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Message From The Grave

The following is a message from a mother, who is dying after a long struggle with a disease, to her newborn child, expressing her hopes and despair about the future.
* * *
A Message From The Grave

When I first held you in my arms
And cradled your head against my chest,
The joy was somewhat marred by my qualms
Of what will happen to you when eternally I will rest.

Know, that I tried and fought my child,
Against the impending doom ahead,
And to shelter you from the wild
Before the endless path I begin to tread.

But all my hopes have perished and efforts have failed,
For I am going to leave you alone and bereft.
Without your mother your life will be forever maimed
And mine will be desirous of you and a suffering for the duration left.

Now I am living on borrowed time
Hugging you to my bosom, feasting my sight,
To know your fragrance and make your touch forever mine
Constantly aware of the receding light.

There is just one wish I am holding on to,
That to the world you will be my legacy
And the stars will eternally shine down upon you
Showing the pride I will feel and also my ecstasy.

When I am nothing more to you than lore
And you feel we are a universe apart,
Just take a peek inside and you will know in your core,
I miss you and love you with all my heart.
Thanks Sh, I owe you one. I knew it was a beautiful idea, hope I did justice to it.


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its terrible that u cant participate u would have taken it yaar.....
    ur welcome tho...

  2. i just published my first post and read this.
    it is AWESOME!!!
    how do you do it????

  3. Melancholic but equally beautiful and heartbreaking.